Show/Hide UI shortcut not working

I’ve always command + . to show/hide Figma UI but it’s not working anymore (since today). Apparently the shortcut is command + / which I could accept if I didn’t have a spanish keyboard where that’s not possible :grimacing:

Please put the old shortcut back!

Hey @Vanina_Fajgelbaum sorry to hear you’re running into issues here. I just tested this on my end and it looks like command + . is still working for me.

Can you share some more information?

  • What OS are you using?
  • Does this happen in the desktop app? The browser? or both?
  • Can you double check to make sure that any other running apps don’t have that shortcut assigned? For example I know 1Password uses command + / which would always override the one in Figma.


Thank you @Josh

It’s working again :sweat_smile:


Awesome glad it’s working again. What was the fix?

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