Show frame name in prototype

Nope note a bug just something Figma doesn’t currently support. We don’t show Frame names within the presentation view. :slight_smile:

I see… Thanks for letting me know!


I name my frames to specify a feature or screen change, but when I go into present mode I loose all of that context. Some frames might have a slight change, but my client or devs don’t have context to the change and I think showing the frame name would help.

This seems a little more useful than adding a comment that needs to be turned on to see.


Hey Reggie, frame names aren’t currently displayed in the prototype presentation. Feel free to add this as a new topic though under the Product Feedback category.

Out of curiosity though is there a reason for not sharing the editor view in view mode?

We tend to use editor mode to present work to clients, but when we share those designs to view on their own we only give them view access to the prototype view. We want to make it seamless for them to review designs without needing to create an account or understand how to navigate the editor.

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Feel free to vote for this suggestion and add anything relevant: Show frame name in prototype

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@Figma_Support cannot believe that such simple feature still does not exist.


Please please add this… Would make identify frames needing updates sooo much easier.