Shortcut to publish library and automatically update files

It could also give you the otion to choose the files you want to publish too and batch it.

Started working on a project with a component library in another file. I am already tired of endlessly publishing the small changes that I implement and want to be synchronized quickly. It would save me so much time if there was an option to simplify this process :pray:


This would be amazing as well. Particular use case would be for project covers. I would love to make the update on the design system and have all project covers updated without having to go into each project and update them individually.

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I was looking for a shortcut to this and I got in here but I see that there isn’t a shortcut yet :sleepy: so just voting for implementing this!
I hope this come out soon!


This would be a fantastic addition to Figma.
When updating the library, in the window where you select the components there should be a checkbox:
:ballot_box_with_check: Automatically update all files using this library


I don’t even need updates to be automatic:

Simply adding keyboard shortcuts like Tab to browse the Libraries/Update popup tabs, and Enter to publish or update instead of having to click these buttons manually every time would already save a LOT of time (and frustration)

All you would have to do is press Alt+3, then Tab, then Enter.

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Aug 2022 and we are still waiting for this… low key sad.

Somehow to me, having changes made to the already published libraries automatically pushed to any and all files that use that library is so much of a no-brainer that it’s expected to work the same way as Figma’s auto-save. If auto-save is a thing, why is auto-publish not?

+1 (auto-save as an option)

We just ran into this use case for our design system. Having a auto update libraries feature for something like a Sticker sheet would be super helpful. We don’t need to check the updates before they go through they just need to happen weekly, monthly, whatever.

A keyboard shortcut would be good enough!

Right now you can hit CMD+P and search for “Publish changes to library” (which after one use will be pre-selected after hitting CMD+P) and then CMD+Enter to publish rather quickly. But updating library changes in a file still requires waiting for the notification to pop up and then a mouse click.


Definitely agree with the shortcut idea, right now I got used to doing:
Ctrl + Alt + O > tab, tab, Enter > Ctrl + Enter (publishes updates)
Then… frustratingly seeking toast message in other files an clicking on “Review”.

(Thanks to @dustavsson, just realized I could replace Ctrl + Alt + O > tab, tab, Enter with Ctrl + P, P, Enter)

Auto-update on a per user and/or per file basis would be nice, still.


PLEASE!!! It is already highly annoying to go back and forth the design system file and the main design file. I don’t want to hit the publish and review button each time - super frustrating!!!

I would love this. I hate having to publish over and over.

I also urgently need this function

+1 upvote for this use case

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I see that Figma isn’t going to do this, despite its popular acclaim

perhaps this feature is not desirable for design teams, so it can be configured at the team level

Jumping on the (stalled) train here. Is there any sort of workaround/plugin that anyone is using to currently solve this problem? We would also like to auto-accept/update files after a component has been (re)published.

I’d like this feature request to become a reality too. It’s tedious to have to click so many times to apply updates from the library to the target file/s.