Shortcut to create interaction

Inorder to create an interaction for a specific UI element, I have to open prototype panel (alt + 9) and then drag the handle to create the interaction line.

As a Sketch + Craft user, it’s damn easy for me to select an element and hit “c” to create an interaction line. Likewise, can we have a shortcut to create the interaction directly without going to prototype panel and dragging the handle.

Did you think this is a value adding functionality ? So looking forward for your opinions on this.


Big time, just spent about 5 mins trying different combos of keys only to find you have to do it all manually. Really difficult. I thought this would have been a no brainer even if the shortcut had to change


I think having to switch modes is gonna stay, but at least now you can do so with Shift + E rather than Alt + 9, which I find more ergonomically accessible.


I would love to have a shortcut for ‘Add Click interaction’ like Sketch.


Shift + E works to quickly toggle between design and prototype modes but it is still hard to create the interactions. I have to accurately hover on the component to create the link even though it’s selected. :frowning:

Yes indeed! This is such a powerful and commonly used feature from sketch users, please support prototype short-key Figma!