Shortcut or Double-click for Space-between and Packed


Auto layout settings - align items inside container.

It’s such a commonly used feature, so for me, it will be very useful.

Something like this:
Flex packed: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + 1
Space between: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + 0


Double click on Auto Layout alignment matrix to toggle between Packed and Space between methods (It does already when I turn it back into Packed)

I know pressing x does the same but I feel faster that way. What do you think?

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I was going to suggest this but you already did! +1
I feel like double clicking is intuitive

Thank you for teaching me I can press x

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Thanks for the feedback!

We’ve merged your idea with a similar feature request. We’ll pass this along to the team for consideration and gauge interest from the community through the Votes.

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Thanks to reply, but double click on what?

On the highlighted position in the alignment matrix