Share prototype button feedback

Hi Figma UX team,

Just wanted to share some feedback.
TLDR: please add the hover underline for “share link” back please.

There use to be a active state for " share link" button for prototypes and design files. That underline has disappeared and in doing so, i thought my share link button was broken. It resulted me in restarting the app 4 times, restarting my computer 2 times, searched high and low on the internet for answers for 1/2 hours, and asked my coworker to help sharing the prototype, and it turns out the function was never broken for me, but didn’t have good feedback in terms of click ability. The “Copied to clipboard” prompt was too far from the “share link”, and the proximity was poor.

Hey @Isrene_Shao,

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll pass this along to the team to see if/why this was a change or regression.

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