Share Dialog: Identify Viewers

Actually it’s impossible to identify users in the share dialog. So it can happen that wrong users are removed (especially if only first names or initials were used as names).

Even worse: if you want to add the viewers to a new project file (or a version of the original one) there is no way to transfer the authorized viewers because the email addresses are not displayed.

As an admin, this dialog may be the most critical place where I need to look who has access to what - since people who are only invited to a specific project or file do NOT appear in the members list.

So please: add the email address also to the share dialog (consistency with the member list) Thanks!!
And perhaps an additional functionality similar to that offered by invision, so that viewers can either be invited via email address or already known users can be added also by name.

Thanks for the feedback, @Harald1! We’ll pass this onto our team to look into.

I’ve got the same issue. It would be amazing if Figma team can add this feature :slightly_smiling_face:

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