Several Flow Starting Points in several sections not represented in preview mode

I have several flows on a single page that I want to share with my team. So I created these flows, each one with its own flow starting point so that in preview mode, my teammates can select the respective flow in the left sidepanel.
Unfortunately when organising the frames of each flow inside a section, the flow starting points are not shown in the side panel in preview mode any more.

Am I doing something wrong?

It is really a pity as I totally love the section feature!!!


Same here - looks like a bug to me. With sections used, it sometimes works, too (randomly). If I remove (ungroup) all sections, the sidebar works perfectly.

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Also experiencing a similar issue where flow starting points are not loading in when viewing in prototype mode. I’m using sections to organize each set of frames within a given flow, but it’s not clear whether this is causing the issue or if it’s something else.

FWIW, I’ve found that clicking around the prototype and navigating to a page that is part of one of the missing flows seems to “fix it”, but this is obviously not ideal (and only possible if you can navigate to the missing page via the prototype).

This is a pretty massive pain point when sharing prototypes with a client as explaining the workaround mentioned above is cumbersome and gives a bad impression.

Would love an update on this!

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@Anja_Schneck — not sure if this is possible after you’ve already created a thread, but I would recommend adding the bug tag to this topic for increased visibility.

yes exactly. I just removed all frames from the sections and all flow starting points appeared again in preview mode…

I can still edit my post, but I can’t find an option to add a bug-tag :see_no_evil:

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