Setting Center Anchors

It is necessary to add the function of setting center anchors. Although plugins can be used for batch copying and rotation, it is more troublesome to modify joints and other areas during character illustration without the freedom of center anchors.

I think this is a great idea. I understand Figma wasn’t meant to be used for illustrations, but to be honest, the uniqueness of its vector and node system is very useful, and many of us (UI Designers) work for videogame companies, and more often than not we have to find works around some things that could easily be added into Figma. I will create another post with this, but things that come to my mind:

  • Supporting different kinds of strokes (even if they can’t be reproduced by CSS, maybe a disclaimer or a warning next to the setting would be fine).

  • Sticky nodes (vector’s endpoints), this shouldn’t be so difficult given you already do this in Figjma and when imported from FigJam to Into Figma the behavior is still there. Why can’t we just do it inside Figma?

  • Ability to move the anchor point of an element.