Set Default Section Colours in Figma

Hi, I wanted to suggest preset colour options for Sections in Figma, similar to FigJam.

The default grey colour blends into the default canvas background meaning I always need to choose a custom stroke + fill after using it. It’s an easy task but it breaks my flow to have to stop and change the colour of a section in the middle of whatever I’m doing.

To be honest you could improve this just by changing the default colour from grey, but having some of the FigJam presets makes it a lot easier if you have different colour sections for categorisation.


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I want to add my +1 to this thread. Thank you @dvaliao for opening it back up.

I would love to be able to change the default section color in my Figma without having to manually set it every time. Currently, it’s set on #ffffff and it’s causing all of my designs to blend in. Hope there’s a fix for this soon!


Just had this question today. It changed from grey to white and that really clashes with all of my designs now because for my job the webpages are often white. haha!

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I feel your pain because when the default page background colour changed to #F4F4F4 it clashed with the BG colour in my designs.

I think allowing you to set a couple of defaults would go a long way!

+1 to this. It’s so annoying that new sections between files in our org are so different as the defaults from Figma kept changing so it looks random.


Yes please it’s very irritating to have to change this every time!! The page backgrounds are white so I want the sections to be darker for contrast.