Selecting radio buttons options

Hi everyone!
I wanted to know if it’s possible to link (prototyping) a page 1 to different pages (either page 2 or page 3) depending from which radio button was selected in page 1.

I created interactive compenents radio buttons, and I would like when you select option 1 and press the “continue” to go to page 2, and when you select “option 2” press the “continue” to go to page 3.
Is there any way to do this? Thank you so much for your help! :blush:

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Hey @Fabiana1, unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment. However, this is already on our radar, we’ve got a feature request post. Feel free to vote and leave your feedback here: Create one prototype across the pages in a file.

For your case, I’d suggest coping the design to one page.

Let me know if you have any further questions, happy to help out!

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Thank you so much for your answer!

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