Select as if my shift touch was locked


I don’t know if I touched anything on my keyboard but every time I click on an object, a text or any type of thing, it add it as a selection. As if my shift touch was stuck. After that when I try to move something, it’s like magnets.

I remove all snaps but nothing changes.

Does anyone know a solution ? It happens on every files.

Hi @Jordane_CIVEYREL hmm I’m not aware of an option to have multi select always locked. It does seem like the shift key is active based on the functionality you’ve described. Are you using an eternal keyboard or any third party application which may override shortcuts or key commands? Are you seeing a similar issue with other programs?

I am using an external keyboard but if my shift touch was locked, I think I would wright LIKE THAT. And I don’t have this issue on other apps actually.

Just for info I am on IPad right now.