Searching... Is Figmas User Interface trash?

Almost nobody talks about that, why? After over 1 year of using Figma I sometimes still can’t find things in the right (design/properties) panel.

Sometimes I can’t even find a defined color (good luck with #333 and figma in darkmode :wink: ) or an input field to change something. It sounds strange right? But it’s the first “software” with (in my opinion) an absolute terrible user interface! It never happens to me on any Adobe programs, Sketch, Affinity and other tools. I always know where to look at or I can scan the interface without any problems - but not in Figma.

Yes it’s trendy to show input fields only on hover, but it’s trash when the LABEL LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE VALUE of the field :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: You can’t even scan for subtitles because on complex objects almost everything in the whole panel looks the same! HOW on earth can you design a design tool like this?

What do you think? Did you search for something in this panel for yourself?

by the way I use tools like this for more than 15 years and I think Figma is really “overhyped”

Oh yes this happens all the time, because some functionalities simply aren’t easy to find… The menu is a real nightmare, and to be honest i still can’t understand why some things are made in that way… or some useful other things are still unavailable…

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