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Scrub Action for Zoom

To be able to scrub on the zoom amount to change the zoom size without having to click the field or type a number in and without the dropdown menu coming out.


Don’t know if I got it right.

But there’s a way to zoom in and out easily.


  • Mac
    CMD + ScrollUp or ScrollDown

  • Windows
    CTRL + ScrollUp or ScrollDown


Just use pinch gesture

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Thanks for pointing that out. It wasn’t about there being a way to zoom in / out but about this specific way to zoom in / out. There are currently at least a couple ways to zoom in / out but if there were a way to do the “scrub action” thing (specifically) to accomplish it I think it would a be and excellent feature (and probably simple enough to implement).

The CMD+Scroll works, but the pinch gesture on my MacBook Pro’s trackpad isn’t working. Anyone else have this issue?