Scroll on Macbook trackpad is super sensitive (again)

Scrolling goes too much, too far and too… “wobbly” I’d say.
M1 Mac, Monterey, didn’t update anything on my system since using prev. version Figma a month ago (which worked fine).

The bug is present both in desktop app and in browser version.

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback! We did in fact make an adjustment here in order to make the behavior consistent between browsers and between trackpad dragging and trackpad panning. We made this change in response to feedback from users that panning felt too slow.

Hi Conor.
Did it come (mostly) from Win users? Mac? Both?
Did you test it on recent M1 macs (with hardware acceleration and ProMotion enabled)?
The thing is Figma is the only graphic design/drawing app on Mac that goes crazy when panning.

Hi Conor.
I also faced with the same problem.
The scroll speed or Figma sensitivity to scroll is very, very fast on MacBook Air M1.
It is really very hard to use Figma with such scroll behaviour. I don’t know, but it seems like Figma doing the same as VS Code has done with a scroll on macs in recent releases. Very disappointing, when you need to drop the app just due to of the scroll.

Same behavior on my m2 mac as well. Scrolling and panning via trackpad is way too sensible. Any solutions for that?

same problem - the scrolling sens is ramped up by an insane amount. It’s so hard control now…
Just found out that’s it’s a chromium issue, which is why it affected VSCode as well.

I have an older version (107.1.0) of the desktop app which works just fine. I wish there was a toggle for “check for updates” so I didn’t have to manually replace the new app with the older one.

Anyway, feel free to download (I hope this is legal). No malware.