Scroll issue in Figma

Hi - new to Figma here.

Have to create a simple prototype for my UX course and stuck on a scroll / alignment issue.

The horizontal scroll I have created for the 2 lower sections of the homepage does not return to its original position (aligned with the headings after you scroll back and forth). Instead it is indented below both the headings after scrolling with the section.

Link to design file:

Link to prototype:

Can anyone help me out with this? I’ve spent ages googling tutorials but can’t seem to find any that address this - (maybe I’m wording it wrong).


Hey @Suzanne_Curran, thank you for reaching out! I recommend to set an interaction, so when the mouse leaves it scrolls back. Hope the screenshot and the my test file help! Let me know if you have further questions!

Hi Thanks for your response.

I tried this on vertical and on horizontal scroll but it doesn’t work. For the horizontal last section - Featured offers I didn’t have the option from the drop down list in the interaction to select the first shape (to bounce back to) either as it is grouped within an auto layout frame.

I checked your test prototype on present mode but it didn’t have the bounce effect - maybe its an issue with my browser.

Thank you for checking this! (Screenshot below)