Screen resolution VS Figma frame size

I am designing for tablet device which has the screen resolution of 2000 px X 1200 Px. I wanted to know what should be the maximum size that I have to design for. I can see that there are different frame sizes in Figma for different tablet / mobile devices. Are those sizes the view port sizes or actual screen resolution of devices.

I am trying to make the design responsive for different tablet devices. In that case, what are the sizes that i should keep in consideration ?


Hey @Ajay6 - sorry this answer is super delayed, but we checked in with support to get a more definitive answer for you.

The dimensions seen on device preview is the device viewport resolution, not screen resolution.

re: sizes to keep in consideration, this would need to be decided based on what devices you’d like to design for. Hopefully knowing the above will help you make a more solid decision in that instance.