Scalable 9-slice pop-up background

Hey there,
I am working on a Figma file for a computer game. I want to use imagery that cannot be build native in Figma. My goal is to create a pop-up that scales with the content. I already installed a 9-slice plugin, so that I can scale my pop-up image.
But now I want to put content onto my background within an auto layout, but there is no function that allows me to use the 9-slice as a background image. Are there any other ways how I can solve this?

Hi @Bernhard_Maiberg, thanks for reaching out!

I’d recommend contacting the plugin creators as the plugin is created by community members and not Figma. You can contact them directly by leaving them a feedback under the plugin. They might have workarounds for you.

Find more info on how to leave comments on the Community in our Help Center article:

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with, thank you!