Same color style, different profile

Hi! Is anyone else experiencing the same color issue?

  • Both shapes have the same color style, but it seems that Figma is applying a different color profile to each one.

  • If I reapply the style for the shape on the left, which is the incorrect one, the correct profile is restored.

Hey @Ana_Oriola are you able to share a screen recording?

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As a new user, can’t upload screenshots or share videos yet.

Hey Ana! It sounds like you’re experiencing an inconsistency in color rendering within Figma. This can be due to a few reasons:

  1. Color Management Issues: Figma uses the sRGB color space. If you’re working on a display with a different color profile, you might see discrepancies. Ensure your display settings are set to sRGB or try viewing your design on a different monitor.
  2. Opacity & Blend Modes: Ensure that both shapes have the same opacity and blend mode settings. Sometimes, even a slight difference in opacity or a different blend mode can make colors appear differently.
  3. Layer Effects: Check if there are any layer effects (like drop shadows, inner shadows, or layer blurs) applied to one of the shapes and not the other. These effects can influence the perceived color of a shape.
  4. Underlying Layers: If one shape is placed over a different colored background or another shape, it might appear differently due to the interaction of colors.
  5. Figma Bugs: Like any software, Figma can have bugs. If you’ve ruled out the above possibilities, it might be a bug within Figma. In such cases, it’s helpful to check Figma’s official forum, community discussions, or support channels.
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I had similar issue, very frustrating…

What worked for me: switching “clip content” to on or off