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Running two prototypes on different pages at the same time

Hello Awesome people,

It has been a while that I am designing Desktop and Mobile prototypes on two different pages, but both on the same file (consistency reason).

As far as my experience, I can only view one prototype of the same file at the time. When I want to view the mobile prototype I have to first close the Web Prototype and then relaunch. It is a bit annoying and I am sure there must be a better way.

Is there anyone having similar issues? It would be great to find a way/hack to toggle between pages while viewing the prototype.

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The current hack is to open the link of one of the prototypes in normal navigation and the other in an incognito mode.

This is possible to do in the browser but in the desktop app the only way to do that is to open the new window (Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + N) and then open the prototype from another page there.

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Thanks guys for your responses these hack are good solutions until the awesome @Figma team find solution for it.