Running into "File out of memory" while resolving conflicts

Hi! As of lately I run into memory usage issue when trying to update branches from main.

The resource usage overlay shows a number around 0.3 G, which is well below the 60% of 2.0 G threshold, so working with the file didn’t trigger any memory warnings so far. But when working in a branch and trying to update from main, I recently started to run into warnings while going through the “resolve conflicts” dialog. It starts with the yellow warning banner, with every resolved conflict the shown memory usage % increases, the banner becomes red and ultimately I get to see the “File out of memory” message and can’t continue.

I wonder if this is just a temporary limitation/bug of the beta or if it would be advisable for the future to keep files well below the 0.3 G to use the branching feature.

Anyway, hope this helps, thank you!


Hi Richard,

Sorry you’re running into this issue. If you could DM me the link to the file (and share it with “”) we can look into this for you.


Hey @raquino, we are also hitting this issue in some of our files. I had our designers write up a report on this and we have links etc along with repros, expected behavior and some suggestions for how to improve. Where can I send this document?

Sent you a DM!

Hello! A similar problem with the file. We have already tried everything that was possible. Reduced the number of layers. There is still a problem. Compared with other files 3 times more, they have no such problem.

I am currently blocked by this File out of Memory error. I’ve just moved from Sketch+Abstract and like to keep organize my work in branches.

While I have come to love Figma, I am extremely disappointed in the performance issues around merging files. If you cannot handle enterprise grade files, read somewhat heavy files, then please do not GA the feature. :frowning_face:


Still no answers to this?


We have also come across this issue and is a big show-stopper. Can you please help provide a quick fix?

Is there possibly another email address? When emailing to the email, I got the following message:

We’re writing to let you know that the group you tried to contact (support-share) may not exist

Same issue here. Any resolution?

I just ran into this issue for the first time. The main file works fine, and I have never received any “running out of memory” errors in it. The single branch also works fine… until I try to merge the updates from main, and then I error out. It’s extra-annoying in that there aren’t that many updates to make.

One thing I would like to see updated is what gets put into a branch. It would be nice to have branches of single pages, rather than the entire file being branched. I only need the branch for one page, but I have to synch the entire file in the branch.

I’m running into the same issue. Both the main file and branch are under the 60% safe file limit and I cannot accept updates from the main file in my branch without getting an error saying that the file has run out of memory.

Same here, branches are unusable for something bigger than a few frames.

Same issue here!

Also experiencing the same issue. Is the only resolution to chat with support?

I’m also having this issue and it’s extremely frustrating.

Both my Main and Branch are pretty clean in their builds and under 40mb combined. They were 112mb combined, but I took out some pages, hidden layers and cleaned up the components to reduce size and still have the issue.

Ran in to this issue today as well. Looking to fix this

Same issue, please fix this. I based all files on branches and now they’re not usable.

Also experiencing this issue. We just switched to creating a branch for each of our concept rounds, to avoid heavy memory utilization when iterating in the same file. The memory bug in the branches is ironically worse than the original issue, despite the resource use reporting at .6G. This is also for enterprise design.

Can we please get a response from Figma on what’s being done about this? Thanks

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