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Rotate through siblings when bulk selecting multiple items

Today I can use Enter / Shift + Enter to go in / out one level when selecting an element. If the element has child elements, I can use Tab / Shift + Tab to rotate through the child element’s siblings.

However, when navigating multiple elements with child elements, the Tab / Shift + Tab shortcut does not work to rotate through the siblings. @Svarry describes this well here:

Having the ability to navigate child elements in bulk would be immensely useful and make the existing selection tools much more powerful. Especially now with the introduction of variants which often requires one to have many exact copies of the same component with virtually the exact same structure, being able to navigate siblings would make editing things in bulk (like auto layout props, text styles) a breeze.

There are code snippets created by community members (as in the post I linked above) that achieve exactly the behaviour I’m describing here. And since this functionality already exists when selecting a single component it seems like enabling it for multiple elements would be a quick win.

I think you quoted the wrong post. :slight_smile:

Fixed, it was pointing to post #2 in that thread instead of the OP.