Restored an old version but no "done" button appeared

As title states, restored an old version (was just 10 minutes before, made a mistake and needed to reverse it), but once I restored it, it went to view only. Looked on the forums and everything said to click the “done” button if I wanted to edit it again, however, no “done” button shows up anywhere for me. Any help would be appreciated, even if there’s a way to copy the restored version and put it in a new file that I can edit.

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Hey @Victoria_Hilbert - so sorry if this is causing delays in your work, and apologies for the later reply.

I tried to do some initial digging, but I don’t see a Figma account associated with your community profile at the moment.

Since this is an issue with file restoration, support will need to help/discuss options on how to move forward. This has to be done via email to protect your privacy and security.

Please file a ticket here, and the PM me once you’ve done so:

Hi, I’m also encountering the same issue. Due to an irreversible design error, I need to restore a previous version of the Figma file. However, after clicking “restore this version,” I cannot find the “done” button to apply the restore.

At this point, clicking on “current version” again still shows the unreverted version, which has prevented me from continuing my work. I hope you can resolve this issue as soon as possible.

I switched back to the Figma previous UI version from the question mark icon in the bottom right corner of the interface. This allowed me to successfully find the “done” button and restore my previous design.
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Thanks to my colleague for this suggestion.
But I strongly suggest that this issue with UI 3 be fixed as soon as possible.

@Kabin_Yang I’d like to get more visuals on what you were seeing in UI3 when you tried to restore a version.

I’m a bit confused, and want to make sure I clarify – you should be able to just select “Restore this version” and the version restores. You shouldn’t need to click a “done” button. Current version would not help here, since it would only show what your design is at the moment.

I know you’ve already reverted back to the old UI, but if you find yourself trying the new one again, please post a screenshot or recording of how this looks for you.

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 9.29.47 AM

Thanks @ksn for quick response. Let me briefly describe my experience from yesterday in text. If I encounter the issue again, I will take a screenshot or record it and report it.

Previous UI:
Click “Restore this version”
→ loading animation
→ see the old design on the screen, then click the “done” button
→ successfully restore the old design.

New UI3:
Click “Restore this version”
→ loading animation
→ see the old design on the preview screen but can’t find the “done” button,
so I clicked the X button on the version history instead
→ end up seeing the current version design before restoration.