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Responsive Mobile APP handover help


Normally when I design in figma, I create the frame in iphone-x and android (standard) size. If I notice something that I think the developer should pay attention to when desiging across all app sizes, I will usually duplicate my design and show how it works in a smaller iphone (for example).

Now, we keep running into problems where the developer implements it without it being responsive. Since i’m the only designer for 20+ developers, I’m super busy and dont have time to design every.single.screen.

SO MY QUESTION :slight_smile: how do you other designers hand over mobile-app design screens? Is there a plugin or a way where the developer can toggle the frame and it adapts per size? or any other ideas to make the handover as easy as possible?


I think it’s not your fault. You don’t have to design every single screen. However, make sure you are setting constraints on elements correctly and using auto layout where applicable — these things make your visuals responsive in Figma and this is reflected in code in the Inspect panel.

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