Resize the Auto-Layout frame only when the parent frame's edge makes contact

Hello everyone! I got stuck pretty bad. I have this pink auto layout frame set here, it responsively scales up and down pretty good, but I want it to start scaling responsively down and start stacking only when the edges of the parent frame touches the edges of the pink auto layout frame. I’ve tried max width, it cancels out the left and right constraint so it wont scale down at all. Is it even possible? c8c1ea23caf28cc30feed70609d17ff3.png hosted at IMGTR - IMGTR

@Serkan_Toros Not exactly sure how you have it set up, but I put together a rough example of one way to set it up. I’m using a mix of nested auto-layout frames, with the card zone frame set to wrap and min-widths of 240px applied to each card.

Get Example File

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Brilliant! Thank you very much for this and putting in your time and effort to create the file. Its beautiful! Helped a lot!

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