Remove auto creating flow starting points

is this gonna be fixed? it is terribly annoying, making me think about switching to another tool…

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Oh dear… That’s insane what you’re dealing with. I wonder if a plugin might help? I haven’t looked very hard. Something that would make it easy to build a linear flow simply by selecting frames. The flow would automatically have the left and right arrow key interactions, so you don’t have to manually add them. Essentially you’d be building a simple prototype flow, but in much less time and with less effort.

The Protofly plugin kind of do this but… still, I would love to not have to rely on a plugin to do something as simple as an animated presentation


I’m having the exact same trouble with the presentations that my agency has been building with Figma for over two years now. This used to work perfectly fine until the behavior with flow starting points changed … and now there is literally no way to do this without pain and lot’s of manually removing flow starting points that Figma adds automatically all the time, even if you only close the file and open it again.

For interactive presentations, I would really wish to find a way again to have mouse clicks and arrow keys behave the same without having to add arrow keys connections for every frame … !

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I feel you :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Same problem here. We’ve been using Figma to create presentations for quite a while now. Lately, however, Figma adds random flow starting points to the slides (i.e frames) of presentations as soon as someone opens a file. This is not only very annoying but makes it increasingly difficult to prepare a reliable presentation that works as intended. We now painstakingly keep removing flow starting points yet it feels like we can never be sure there won’t be any bad surprises when delivering a presentation.


Adobe please listen to us on this issue. The first post is from 2 years ago.

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I am having the same problem. Randomly added flow starting points keep the presentation trapped on that page. When removing the flow starting point, it again works like a regular presentation allowing others to use the arrow navigation buttons. But then another one will show up and break the presentation onto the one screen. Super annoying.

I have the same issue!!! It is especially painful because of this Problem navigating with arrow keys linearly through screens on prototype.

I think I will have to switch back to Invision to present the designs for clients. :-/

Please turn off auto creating Flow Points. I’ve always hated it and annoyed I have to go hunt for the Flow Point to delete it so I can navigate via keyboard arrow keys.


@Figma_Support How can this still be an issue after 2 YEARS of people complaining!?
What do you gain from keeping this as a forced feature?


Please Figma. I don’t want to be a slave to the Auto Flow.

I share all of the gripes that the other commenters do. This is a bug, and not a feature.

Commenting and upvoting to get this behaviour removed please, incredibly annoying and counter-productive

Same here, it so annoying that the left right indicator wasn’t function when set up the flows.

Upvoting this, it is so annoying, my clients are often using the mobile app to mirror the design, and they can not go past the frames related to the flow that was automatically created, so annoying :frowning:

It would be so amazing if the auto flow in the prototyping section is deleted. Or if there’s a way to turn it off. It adds more time when editing having to go back and delete everything that you didn’t want it to make connections to. It would save a lot of time and headache.