REM and "font-size" for Inspect

wow, really great idea. Could be insane with REM in Figma. :exploding_head:

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Love this idea!! :raised_hands:


Excellent idea, would be really great! Could potentially reduce communication errors, as well as better communicate intent by the designer, as well as increasing the possibility of designers learning more about dev environments and implementation.


Absolutely!!! Same. Thank you @Louie_Morais I was just drafting this almost exact request, and found yours, so +1 infinity.
And triple yes to let designers pick a root font size i.e., base rem on a design file. The app I work on has a root font size set to 14px.

Here’s how I spec for the developers using my design files (time consuming)

Another great article [Back to Basic: Should we use Rem, Em or Pixel?]

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hmm… when would Figma support rem? I’m waiting for it!


Me too! :crossed_fingers:

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@Figma_Team - any idea where this is on your roadmap? Will we see it in 2022? Our engineers are not happy and lack of this feature makes handoff in figma useless.


Do we have it in XD or sketch?

This is a no-brainer. Figma needs to acknowledge this and let us know where this sits in their backlog.

This definitely needs to happen. Plugins can’t be accessed without a license.