Refresh thumbnail

We’re using thumbnails to show the status of our design tickets.

Especially when you have a large amount of tickets in a project, it’s super annoying when those thumbnails show the wrong status. Is that ticket in development or still in handoff? Who knows …


Same problem here! I’d love an option to right click and refresh the thumbnail. I’ve been experiencing this issue on a regular basis since joining Figma in Feb 2020. The “restore default thumbnail” workaround is my typical go-to, but unfortunately that doesn’t even work 100% of the time.

I disagree with other posters on this a little. For me refresh would be nice but it should just be updated instantly. Typically one thumbnail would be edited at a time so in my view it should just push the update as soon as you exit the screen on which it sits.

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Ooh, I am loving how you set up your thumbs. What’s the row of icons at the bottom?

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Just close and open figma and thumbnail will be refreshed.

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Please help to improve this feature.

not updating again.

Yes! This is so annoying. Can Figma team please update this delayed/inconsistent update problem?

We have hundred of files, the thumbnail is key organization and file finding.

Yes, It’s very annoying. I love Figma but this part is really uncomfortable. Please fix it Figma team!

This is still annoying and not fixed.

+1 Unfortunately, makes this nice feature very frustrating to use

This is ridiculous! Please fix this.

I am having the same problem. The thumbnail that is showing up is a gray box. I already closed Figma, closed the file, reset the thumbnail artboard, and nothing. My Thumbnail cover don’t update. Please fix this!


Stilll having that same issue

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Having the same issue… I reverted and created a new thumbnail on all my files (twice!) and this fix only works for a few seconds if at all.

I guess I have to wait until Figma fixes this!


Still having issues with the thumbnail update too. And, like others, I rely on the thumbnails to show the status of a file.

I’m having the same issue.
Closing and reopening Figma, or toggling the set as thumbnail only works for a few seconds and then it reverts back

Same issue here. Seems that none of the fixes works at the moment.