Publishing Library speed varies enormously

I’m working on a library file and the speed at which the library gets published is random.

Sometimes pushing 20 changes is fast, at others pushing 2 takes >10min or fails. Publishing in the morning is fast enough, but as the day goes it becomes unworkable, which is a problem for our team as it’s not possible to push library updates.

I’m using the desktop app, but the same issue appears on the browser.

Opening the activity monitor, I can see the Figma (renderer) using one of my 8 CPUs at 100% but it never uses the other CPUs. Why is there no multi threading (hope that’s the correct term)?

What can make the publishing time so slow? What can I do to improve it? Is there a way to contact the @Figma support directly?

You can reach out to Figma Support via the support request form or

Thanks, wrote an email.

Are there best practices on how to split elements across different library files ? The fact that moving components from file to file is a bit scary and makes it so that you need to do quite some proper planning, and I’m not sure I understand the constraints.

I think this can help:

@h_v_b Hi! I am having also issues publishing a library.

It is a library that can be used by three people at the same time - and it has few variants. However the time that takes publishing which could be even more than 10mins…
I am wondering if you found a solution for a quicker work-flow?


If you haven’t yet, you definitely need to report such issues to support: Submit a request – Figma

I’ve been in touch with support.

Recent updates made the publishing faster.

We had also built our library so there were light + dark variants of each component. Removing this option made it all work better.
We plan on using Theemer to build the dark designs. It would be nice to have a native way of dealing with color themes though.

This gets to some fundamental; flaws with Figma. You need to split up your libraries and since theres no good way to migrate components so you have to really commit to the system. But then as the libraries become interlinked (think global library → individual feature library → layouts and explorations) it creates a ton of pushing/pulling just to accomplish little changes in the system. That alone is very annoying, but couple that with degraded performance (generally with Figma over time omho but also as libraries naturally grow) its becoming maddening and creating tons of unecessary work and slowing my workflow significantly.

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This is an insane feature that needs a big fix. Publishing Icon libraries is ridiculously slow.