Published plugin source code is missing, seek help

Hello, I am the developer of the FIGMA plugin, this is the plugin I developed and published: NB Avatars | Figma Community
My computer was accidentally damaged, and all the source code of the plug-in was lost. My plug-in is currently used by 5.5k people. They urgently need me to maintain the plug-in, but there is no source code. Restoring my source code, you know, you must have my code files, and I really want your help now!
thank you very much!

Figma doesn’t store the source code, it doesn’t even see it. All it sees and uploads to the servers is the files that are listed in the manifest.json (UI and backend code.js files). Everything else is completely ignored. To prevent such issues in the future, I recommend using GitLab or GitHub for source code storage.

I just need the code.js of the plugin I have already published, is there a way?