Prototyping with Variables Painfully Slow

I have an extremely simple prototyping example that takes forever to click through when using variables to manage select/unselect state for a layer.


Hey @wc-xym ,
Sorry for the trouble! This looks odd. I’ve checked in our backend, and we had a similar issue that’s been solved a few months ago. Is it happening on desktop app, browser or both?
Can you try to force-quit and open Figma to see if that helps?

I’d recommend you to reach out directly to the support team with a copy of your file: here
Our technical specialist can have a deeper look at it to see if we can replicate on our end.
Be sure to use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share it with Thank you!

I figured out why the slowness occurs.

  1. Create a component
  2. Create an instance
  3. Add interaction with variables to an instance → Prototype works fine
  4. Turn the new instance into a component
  5. create an instance from the new component → Prototype works but is extremely slow

The issue only occurs when you nest the instance with the prototype action in another component.

Do you still want to see the sample file?

Hey @wc-xym ,
Thank you for taking the time to have a look at it! Please reach out directly to the support team with a copy of your file: here
Our team can investigate further and see if we can replicate on our end. Thank you!

@wc-xym I tried your fix but my problem persists.

I got an issue in an onclick “change to” the transition was instant, but when adding setting variables in the same onclick the transition became laggy and delayed. (Each set variable seemed to add ~0.5s time to the delay)

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Hi Gerard,

My apologies. I was articulating the cause behind the slowness in my response above. Anytime you add variable interactions and turn the design into a component, you will get slowness.

The only way I figured out how to resolve the slowness is to keep variable interactions on component instances as opposed to the components themselves.

Hope that helps.



I also experienced this issue, I hope they can fix it soon.
Otherwise, I will need to redo a large portion of my prototype with instances instead of components, as you said

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Be great if this issue could escalated, some prototypes we are producing using variables are becoming unusable due to the response times.


Having this same issue. Please escalate…

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Having this issue on multiple big files that where working just fine a few weeks ago, causing havoc now as I can not take anyone through the prototypes. Which is odd as a few weeks back there where no issues with these files. To undo the nested components now would take forever.

Please escalate.

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Thanks for flagging. Could you please submit a case to the support team so they can investigate more?



Just a note, I am seeing exactly this same issue. I have a number of variables inside components, and it really slows down all parts of the whole prototype. Experimenting, I have seen that it is a bit better if I run the prototype inside a web browser than in Figma’s app. In iOS I have seen Safari seems to run it faster than chrome, and on my PC Edge runs it faster than chrome. But even in the browser it is clearly running slower than it should.

Really hoping there is a fix for this soon - I love variables and everything you can do with them, but not being able to have them inside components really will limit their usefulness…

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