Prototype screen count no longer visible

Did something change in the prototype feature? I no longer see the number of screens listed when putting the design into prototype mode.

This was critical functionality used to gauge the time the prototype would take, and also if the screen count changed dramatically, it’s the only way to know there is a missing linkage somewhere in the flow.

I’ve noticed this, too. The number dissappear when the prototype you’re viewing has a flow starting point, I guess because it is trying to follow the logical flow that you’ve made. If there are multiple paths, it seems to go by frame coordinates as usual.

Strange, I had multiple flows in my doc and the numbering worked fine, but this morning they are gone (no changes to the file, not even a reboot of the machine). If do as Avokadomos suggests I do get the count back, but it includes screens I don’t want in the flow. Any idea how to get it back to the previous (3 days ago) behaviour?

Mystery solved!

I sent in a support ticket and learned that there was a change recently to Figma such that they will no longer show the screen count if there is a Flow Starting Point that’s set. I suspect it’s because having different starting points might throw off the count. In any case, if you just want the flow to start at the first screen, then remove the Flow Starting Point and you should then see the count return in prototype mode.