Prototype linking is broken

Hi, I’m having problems with the prototypes. Most of my screens are linking fine, but some are linking to the incorrect frames even after unlinking everything and linking again. I updated Figma’s new version today, not sure if that has anything to do with it?

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Yes, this is happening for me, too. Hotspots simply aren’t working anymore. Also since this morning. Some do, but most don’t. Can’t determine any commonalities to explain that.

Hi Folks, we’re currently investigating these reports. Would you be able to either DM me a link to an offending file, or share that file with

Additionally, if you could include screen shots, descriptions, or a short screen capture video of what is happening and what you expect to happen, that would be very helpful!

I think I’m having a similar issue but as best I can tell everything inside the prototype is working fine, but when I attempt to link to a specific page within the prototype to share the direct link, it brings my stakeholders to the cover sheet of my project instead of my prototype, which is not at all helpful. Is there another topic for linking directly to a specific prototype page which was working fine before the recent updates, or at least a description of how linking has been changed?

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@Luca_Damasco I’ve found what’s no longer working in my file… I used to be able to right click on the prototype tab itself and select copy link and it properly knew to copy the link to this page of my prototype when I pasted the link. That no longer works and instead displays a link the cover sheet of the project as i described above. Now I must click on the ‘share prototype’ button and press ‘copy link’ from that share dialog if I want to send a link to that page of my prototype. I massively prefer the ease of the previous right click menu on the tab name. I’m hoping by providing these details here I don’t have to send a separate email?

Hey @Shash_Patel, thanks for the follow up! Sorry for the delayed response, this thread update was mistakenly sent to spam.

This information is super helpful. Would you mind letting me know if you are using the Figma Desktop App, or the Web Application. Some additional information, such as Computer Type (Mac/Windows/Linux), browser type, and version would be very helpful.

The two links that start after a time delay have stopped working on my prototype. They worked fine until after the update. I’ve deleted and re-added them to no avail. I’m on a mac in the desktop app.

The time delay screen change does work if I am simply scrolling through the screens from the bottom arrows. It will not work if I get to the screen with the time delay via the prototype clicking.

Thanks for the update @Liz_Cole. Would you be able to share your file, or a test file experiencing the issue, with and DM me the file link? Our team can use this to more quickly diagnose and fix the problem!

I’ve shared the file via email. I can’t seem to find the message icon to DM you though.

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Sorry I didn’t get notifications for the thread! I primiarily use the desktop app for Mac. I’m currently on Figma Desktop App version 114.6.1 and MacOS 12.4 (21F79). I typically use Chrome for my browser to share prototype links but it’s actually the Figma App that isn’t copying the link properly, hope this helps @Luca_Damasco.

Same here. Weirdly nothing works once I test the prototype. It looks fine in design mode, but not working in the prototype test.

I am having the same issue. DId you get it resolved? If so it woul dbe very helpful if you could let me know how to do it.

Not a complete resolution yet. To workaround the problem, the best I’ve found is to click on the ‘Share’ button while the page you want to link to is displayed. On this dialog, instead of changing the sharing options, find the ‘copy link’ button in the bottom left. Only this button still contains the proper link to exactly this page in your prototype. I suspect this only works if your prototype allows ‘anyone with the link’ to view it, but it gets my stakeholders to the correct page this way. The best I’ve found until @Luca_Damasco and the team can fix the right click menu option…

tagging in @Josh in case this thread/report got lost somehow. I’ve emailed support but so far no replies.

I’m having the same problem. I had sent a mail about the issue in detail to Figma support but for some reason, it didn’t go through. Sharing it here:

I’m having problems with the prototypes. Hotspots simply aren’t working anymore. Some do, but most don’t. Sometimes the links change completely all by themselves (for example, if I set the interaction of a button to “on click, navigate to a certain page”, it changes by itself to (or sometimes creates a second interaction) “on hover, navigate to…”. And then the button doesn’t work). Most times I can’t even preview present my design as it gets stuck on loading.

This has been happening for the past 4 days. I thought that maybe there are more links in my file than Figma can handle, so yesterday I removed as many links as I could, and a few hours later 70% of the links started working again, but they stopped working yet again today. I use Mac, and I have tried both the Figma Desktop App and the Web Application, but it didn’t make any difference. I tried everything, but nothing seems to work.
Kindly look into this issue and fix it ASAP!

I have been having the same problem with broken links in my prototype. I am using the latest version of Figma and I have tested this in the desktop and browser app.

I am busy with a huge prototype and this technical difficulty is causing a setback to me continuing with my work.

First of all the prototype take ages to load, as in 30 minutes to an hour. Once it loads my links just stop working on certain pages and overlays stop swopping.

I currently have 264 frames on one page, 184 on another and another page with 23 frames. I don’t know if I have reached some sort of limit or what is happening.

I suspect you have a few things that may be getting tangled, but I don’t have the benefit of seeing your file which maybe the team at figma can help. Apologies as I clarify a few things since I’m not sure of your familiarity with some of the features (and I may not know exactly either…). My understanding is that you can only have 1 of each interaction type for any given widget, so a click can only do a single thing. It could change state of a widget on your page, or it could transport you to another page (on which you have different states for the same widget), but you can’t have both. By default when you drag a blue interaction line from your widget to the connecting page it most often defaults for me as a ‘click’ interaction, however it can sometimes also add it as a hover for me. I haven’t found the exact logic pattern to know which or when. The hover ones most often say ‘while hovering’ on the line provided there’s enough space on the blue line to fit it.

You may need to very carefully go through your file to ensure the links are setup as you want, and be careful when you drag the blue lines to do it vs set it up using the controls in the prototype tab… I can say that I have probably thousands of links between my frames as I have one giant prototype in a single page and all the links are working as expected.

It also seems like since the most recent updates to the share dialog that right click ‘copy link’ menu is working again so generally speaking my concerns here have been resolved. Happy to help advise if you provide a few more details about your hotspot links.

Also this thread may be more of what you’re experiencing @Vishnu_Priya_Soma :

I can link from homepage to any other page. I am unable to link ANY pages to my homepage though. So frustrated. Help please.