Prototype linking is broken

Hi, I’m having problems with the prototypes. Most of my screens are linking fine, but some are linking to the incorrect frames even after unlinking everything and linking again. I updated Figma’s new version today, not sure if that has anything to do with it?

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Yes, this is happening for me, too. Hotspots simply aren’t working anymore. Also since this morning. Some do, but most don’t. Can’t determine any commonalities to explain that.

Hi Folks, we’re currently investigating these reports. Would you be able to either DM me a link to an offending file, or share that file with

Additionally, if you could include screen shots, descriptions, or a short screen capture video of what is happening and what you expect to happen, that would be very helpful!

I think I’m having a similar issue but as best I can tell everything inside the prototype is working fine, but when I attempt to link to a specific page within the prototype to share the direct link, it brings my stakeholders to the cover sheet of my project instead of my prototype, which is not at all helpful. Is there another topic for linking directly to a specific prototype page which was working fine before the recent updates, or at least a description of how linking has been changed?

@Luca_Damasco I’ve found what’s no longer working in my file… I used to be able to right click on the prototype tab itself and select copy link and it properly knew to copy the link to this page of my prototype when I pasted the link. That no longer works and instead displays a link the cover sheet of the project as i described above. Now I must click on the ‘share prototype’ button and press ‘copy link’ from that share dialog if I want to send a link to that page of my prototype. I massively prefer the ease of the previous right click menu on the tab name. I’m hoping by providing these details here I don’t have to send a separate email?