Prototype Interactions crashes on 1st page

So Me and My team working on a team project in the Figma library. We have designed some of our pages and I’m the one who does the design I’m using a Mac and others using Windows. I have included flows also. we use prototype interactions(no animations are being used.), I have included a button to click to go to the 2nd page. when we click it on preview/present view, the page crashes and reloads the page. but when we start the preview/present view from flow 2 or another page, they’re working fine. all of my team is experiencing this bug and in the software also.

@BinukaDs It does sound like there may possibly be something buggy between the flows you have, but it is hard to tell without looking at your file directly. Unfortunately, I can’t do that on the forum :disappointed:

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team for further help with this:

To protect your work and privacy, please do not link or share your prototypes publicly here.