Prototype becomes unresponsive after some time

On clicking the present button in the editor the prototype viewer opens. But I go back to my editor and come back after some time to the prototype its not responding and goes black.
Any idea how to troubleshoot this?


Yes. I am also experiencing this. Recently, when you update the design and switch tabs to the prototype, it just attempts to reload and just hangs there and then generates an error.


I’m constantly experiencing this now. I have to close the Prototype Tab in the App and then press play again to open it up again. It worked before, so Figma must have updated it a few weeks ago that broke the auto-reload behaviour.

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Running into this more and more lately, coupled with the “work around” to use the Open link interaction as a way to string prototypes together to form a broader app experience this issue really hampers the usability aspect when presenting or during testing sessions with users.