Properties in color style

Hey guys, new here!
I have a question, I’m looking for the answer and can’tr find it.

What are properties used for in a color style? Everyone talks about how to create color styles, but nobody explains properties. I wonder if that’s important to know.

I used to design on Xd and this function didn’t exist, so I don’t have a reference point.

Thanks for your help!

Hello @Sydric_Turcotte_Drouin,

Welcome to Figma, I hope you like it in here so far.
In short, properties are the various things that define a style.
From your example with colors, when you define a color style you can add “layers” of colors on top of each other (= properties) to create complex pattern (various gradient).

It the same for effect style, it means layers of effects (inner shadow, outer shadow, blur, …). In text it means whatever defined your font (size, weight, spacing, …)

Hope it helped !

It’s perfectly explained! Thanks a lot!

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