Problems with exporting


I recently came across a problem in Figma Desktop App. I can’t export frames from the App. When I click on the button ‘Export’ I see the message ‘Exporting…’ for one second, but after that nothing happens. Could you help me please? What do I have to do to fix this problem?

Thank you very much in advance.


I have the same issue. Would be keen to find a solution. Cheers

Same problem here… and now, when i click export the “Save as” window comes up but everything in the window is frozen.

Hello @Yana21 @Will_Duncan @Raymond_Lau

Try to Reinstall the App and also give a try to VPN.

These might fix your problem.

Are you guys using Mac or windows?
I remember Mac had some bug in the recent days

Same Problem here. It works again, when i shut down the Desktop App and restart it. But this is a time-consuming solution, of course. MacOs

Use online version of figma instead of pc version

Hello. I have same issue nowadays.
Export is not working (both in app and browser).
Reinstall or VPN does not help.

How can I fix that?