Problem with acces to project file - "can view"

Hi, i have problem with acces to project file.
I recive link with “can edit” premiscions, but when go to “share” i see “can view” and orange exclamation point and suggestion to move file to project (but this file is also in project).
But technically I can edit the file.
I can’t attach multiple screenshots, I tried to put everything in 1
How to fix it?

What do you need to fix? You have Editor rights based on the global file permissions, they override your default Viewer permission, that’s why there is a warning sign (you can hover it to see details). If the file permissions are changed to “can view”, you’ll stay a viewer. But if your individual rights are changed to the editor, you will stay an editor even if global file permissions are changed.

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Thanks for the answer, I was confused by the presence of “can view” with the ability to edit, thanks to your answer I understood how it works.