Problem in numbering


Hey @Asim_Azizov,

Can you please clarify the issue you’re having with numbering?

We don’t currently have a feature that controls line spacing in FigJam, so from your screenshot, you seem to have added an extra space between your 8. & 9. list items.

Unless you’re referring to 10. being pushed to the left of the text box once aligned with the previous numbers?

Hey @Asim_Azizov ,

If this is related to the overall alignment, I guess it depends what’s your preference? Technically, this is best how it is in Figma (left column) versus other apps (right columns). If you mean that there is a problem on the left alignment of the number 10, well you are right. Having the option to change the lists’ indent value would be great.

Meanwhile, I suggest you put this into a frame with auto-layout. This way, you can control the indentation manually:

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