Preview (Shift+Space) consistently doesn't load and the shortcut is annoying

I don’t know if it’s just me, but Shift+Space, or however I’m using the Space bar to pan around Figma, I CONSTANTLY end up opening the Preview window accidentally. Furthermore, when I want to use the Preview window, I more often than not just open the full Prototype window as it loads more far more consistently

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Hi @Andrew_Hainen,
Thank you for flagging this.
Can you clarify why are you pressing Shift?
If you are pressing Shift while panning, this issue can happen. (the preview opening when you don’t intend to)

To pan, you only need to hold space and drag, but you shouldn’t have to press Shift. Hope it helps!

e.g. I’m selecting multiple items by Shift+Click, then Space bar to pan somewhere else, then Shift+Click to select more things. Now, instead if I do that too quickly, I end up hitting Shift+Space as I’m working and accidentally opening the window

Got it! Thank you for the details, I can see how this can be a pain point, and I have noted your feedback to our product team!

(I can’t guarantee a workaround will be implemented nor share an ETA for now, but I’m happy to give it some more visibility.)

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I’m having the same issue when I want to select multiple items and then move around, it triggers Preview, is there a way to disable that functionality or shortcut?