Presenting in Microsoft Teams - sync screen with others?

Hello all! I just presented some Figma screen designs in MS Teams for the first time, using the Figma app for Teams. Mostly, it went very well, amazing to say!

A couple points of friction, one I found a workaround for, one I haven’t so could use your help to understand.

First, when I linked up my prototype to the Figma tab the first time, it showed up in design view. In order to delete this and add it again, I had to start the meeting early for the delete option to show up. I deleted the tab and and re-shared the prototype and it looked good.

Second, when I shared the Figma prototype to the stage during the meeting, it did show up on everyone’s screen. But when I advanced the screen, it didn’t advance for others. Does anyone know whether this is normal behavior, or if I can do something else to make it work?