Present mode: Scroll clipped frames within larger frame?

I’m trying to place multiple screens (of a mobile) app inside a larger containing frame BUT also allow the clipped frames within the mobile screens to be scrolled up/down when presenting.

This kind of works, but sometimes rather than scrolling the clipped frames within the mobile screens, you end up panning the larger containing frame instead.

I’m guessing this is a bit of a hacky approach, but just wondering if there’s any way to prevent interaction/scrolling of the larger containing frame?

Choose a container size which is smaller your screen size or use “fit to screen / fill screen” in presentation mode to prevent the scrolling of your outer container.

Otherwise I have no other idea.

Thanks, that doesn’t quite work in this case… but I just realised something, if you scroll with the mousewheel whilst over one of the smaller frames, it scrolls up/down or left/right as required, perfect and easy solution:

Interesting. Scrolling wheel doesn’t work for me horizontally. Maybe something you need to have in mind if you want to hand this prototype over to a colleague or client. Are you using a magic mouse?

It’s a Logitech mouse, the kind with about 20 buttons on it :slight_smile:

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