Possible to have horizontal scrolling on row of step buttons which keeps current step button in viewport and won't jump when animated to a previous step

Sorry for the terrible Topic title but I’m finding it hard to describe what I’m hoping to achieve in a single sentence. I’ve looked online and can’t find a solution and I’m beginning to think it might not be achievable so any advice would be amazing!

I’m aiming to create a prototype that allows the user to step through a series of frames/pages one after the other. At the top of each frame/page would be a row of buttons which they can scroll horizontally and tap (if that button is active) which would take the user back to that frame/page in the journey. Each frame/page would also need to be able to hold content that can scroll vertically.

I’ve tried creating a wireframe prototype with the various elements I would expect to be included. The problem I’m finding is the step buttons are sliding/jumping about if the user is a few frames/pages in and they’ve been dragging the button row about.
Steps Wireframe Behaviour Figma

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I’m having exactly the same issue. I’ve tried with and without the option “reset scroll position” but didn’t find anything that work fine.