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Possibility to move main components between files/libraries

Right now when I move the main components between files I lose all connection to the instance. The only solution to this right now is to relink all manually or use a plugin (Master by Gleb).

We need solutions to do it without losing all connections.


Apparently the architecture in place does not allow to do that (easily) for the moment. The current solutions are the use of plugins as you could point out. I recommend the DSO plugin which I think is much more adapted for this task.

Design System Organizer doesn’t preserve all overrides on nodes it attaches unlike Master, but yeah it’s a good solution too if your components are pretty simple or you don’t care about saving all overrides. However, with Master the process is more manual at the moment. Maybe you can even use both plugins to achieve the perfect result! Here is a video showing how to use Master in case anyone is having this issue too:


Came here asking for the same feature. There’s currently “move definition to this file” for the colors\text styles, so having this for components would be a blast.

I have dozen of projects which have a lot of components scattered around in different libraries, and it’s getting hard to track what’s where.

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