Portion of prototype not functioning

Hello, I have a counter animation setup. it was previously working to click up and down. I had added some additional in’s and out’s of the page and the counters no longer work. Reviewing the build it shows a tap to open overlay on each then it will file through the counters (as it did when it was working). On that page in prototype i see all of the active elements (blue rectangles) identify around the page but all the counters do not show that same blue rectangle despite still having all the prototype sequences linked off of them. it’s like they are inactive. thanks in advance for any tips!

Visual of dev space that does not show in prototype. All 4 buttons have the same settings.

Link to Proto

Hi @Kane_Jameson ,
I recommend you to edit your button as a component and add variants in this main component with the interactions related, so it will make easier to make your counter animation.

For the interaction (in prototype tabs), I edit to “navigate to”, but you can switch by another interactions if you wish.

Here the prototype I have edited so you can check the workaround : here

thanks Celine. Switching over to making it a component did indeed clear up the issue. I don’t understand why the first method broke but indeed a solution. cheers.

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