Please help me solve this width number variable problem

Hey guys,
I have a more complex file, lots of nested components and variants. My huge problem, which would practically kill this whole project, is the fact that I swap instances (manually) for certain components and some of them, ONLY SOME OF THEM are swapped back after closing Figma. So when I open Figma again, only a certain number of the components that have been swapped remain swappred, the others return to the original component. How in the world can I stop this from happening?

Hey @Cristian_Banu - apologies for any disruption this is causing :disappointed:

Right off the bat, I want to ask if it would be possible for you to share a copy of the file[s] and libraries you’re working with, or perhaps a screen recording that shows when you swap > close > restart, and what happens then.

From what it sounds like, there are a lot of ornate details in your design. If this is happening to only some of the swapped components, there could be an issue with the components themselves, or there could be a Figma bug that is surfacing based on how your design is built. I can’t really say for sure in this case.

Also, this does sound like it’s a significant project, so I also understand that you may not have the authority or ability to share anything with us. This is totally fine.

My recommendation: if you can share your file[s], but would prefer to share them privately, you can PM me and we’ll get something worked out. You also have the option of getting in touch directly with our support/tech quality team via email, which I can also help facilitate a connection with.

Let me know your thoughts.

Hi @ksn
Thank you for always hekping us out :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I can’t share the file and it’s way to complex, making it difficult to explain. But if you could help me out with this, it would be amazing

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hi guys,
I think I discovered a bug when using a number variable as a width, combined with auto layout; or if it’s not a bug, could someone please help me solve this? Please check the video I uploaded.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Please, anyone?

No problem. What I’m going to do is merge this topic with that one, so conversation can continue in one place. I will have support look at the video you provided and follow up.

But the two issues aren’t related at all, why merge them?

Hey - valid question: I’m merging them to make sure we can keep both of our conversations in one place. It makes it easier for both of us to keep track of all comments. It can get split up later, once a solution is found for one (or both) so that the solutions (along with their context) are their own individual topics.

With that said, I filed a bug ticket regarding your youtube video on variables. Our engineering team is going to try and replicate. If there’s a chance you can share edit access to the example file you recorded, that would be helpful. Our engineering team would like to see if they can check what’s going on in the background to help fix this faster.

You can link that here (if it’s part of your personal files, no worries on sharing).

Untitled.fig (46.3 KB)

I uploaded a local copy, I’m not sure how to share edit access without having to pay $15/month for the seat. If there’s a way to do it without being billed for it, please let me know. But the local file works identical.

This works perfectly. I just passed this file over to our engineering team – will update you when I hear more.

Thank you so much @ksn :slight_smile:

@Cristian_Banu quick update: I don’t have a direct solution, but the engineering team has been looking at this. It looks like it’s the variables feature overall that is the culprit, but the details still need to be discovered (so this doesn’t look like it involves any other feature, like auto-layout for example).

Will try to get back to you again once there’s an update.

Thank you so much, I’m sooo looking forward for this. Product development stopped until we get this fixed, or we have to find another approach :slight_smile: