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Please add dark mode to FigJam!

It’s just very bright, and I’d like to get some work done at night without killing my eyes.

Please add dark mode.

FigJam especially, but it’d be nice throughout.

Yeah, just remember the user likes a dark mode, and make dark mode the default for everything: your website, this forum, Figma, …


+1 :sweat:

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Love to get DarkMode!


Please bring in dark mode.

Dark mode pleaaase! :new_moon_with_face:

Yes, a dark mode would love your tool even more, please include this feature in the next update! :pray:

Dark mode please!! :raised_hands: :pray:


I just want to say: GO GO DARK MODE GO GO ! !

For me at least this tool is unusable if you can’t change to a less retina-destroying background color.

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I agree. I’m having a headache right now and light theme is way too light, so I have to use the browser version with a dark mode plugin (but now all my colors are inverted, not really convenient when you’re working on graphic design related projects with Figjam ! :joy: )

can you guys make a black theme canva

Not sure anyone in Figma is interested in supporting this!