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Please add auto-size for fonts :)

  1. I am currently making stickies in figma. I am coming from miro where their font type size scales to fill out to the extents of the sticky note. This results in a more pleasing to look at design, it feels more natural.
    I would love to so “Auto” as a font type size option. Not only would it look better, it would also help with issues where the amount of text I need to write is greater than can fit in the area. Similar to how I appear to be rambling on and on with this description :wink:

  2. Here are some images comparing miro with figma and why this would be a great feature to have

Cool idea! Do you mind if I share this in the FoF slack?


You can do this in Figma with AutoLayout. Just set the auto layout parent to fixed width and hug contents for height, and then with the text layer set to auto height.

Here’s a quick screen recording on how to achieve this. :slight_smile:

I think @Colin_Nickerson wants the frame/sticky note to remain the same size regardless of the content entered into it. This is how other tools such as Mural and Miro work. The size of the text scales up or down depending on how much content is on a sticky note.

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Share aware!

Grant is correct. I’d like the font size to scale to meet the extents of its bounding box.

This would likely be useful in figjam and might get more traction as a bug there :slight_smile:

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This is a very useful thing not only for Notes. I do marketing assets in Figma and assets for publishing to the Apple Store or Google Play. And for localization, I often need the font to be automatically adjusted to fit the fixed width of the text object. Similar to how iOS does it for its UILabel (adjustsFontSizeToFitWidth). Now I have to adjust the size for 200+ frames by hand.