Please, a usable file management system

Browsing files is such a pain. The customizable left sidebar just pushes the responsibility for file management on the user and doesn’t even give them the proper tools to actually manage files. Filtering and customizing collections is fine, but there needs to be an easy way to see the whole world, organized in a nested hierarchy. Too many weird concepts and got’chas. I’m always worried there’s a file hiding somewhere because I’m missing some distinction between a ‘section’ and a ‘project’ or whatever. I constantly flail around trying to navigate the company/team/project/section scheme. Just please give us folders, both above and below the project level, so we can place projects in folders, and we can create folders inside of projects to organize the files within them.


This sounds similar to what I was thinking. On the left, under Pages, it would be nice to group pages into a subfolder, and place “pages” inside, Right now, I use — Name — to separate/organize my pages. Share an idea Page file structure.