Playing a Prototype Offline

I am prepping my sales team to demo a prototype at an upcoming trade show, and the internet reliability is questionable. The reps need to be able to access the prototype offline. From what I can tell, they need to download the Figma app, open the prototype, leave their computer on, and then they can access it when they go offline.

Is there no way to open a local copy of the prototype in the app when they are offline? I’m worried if someone closes the app, they won’t be able to pull it back up. Thoughts?

Oh my. Unfortunately, it’s a huge prototype and the event is Tuesday so rebuilding isn’t an option. Thanks for the info. I will let them know. Hopefully, they’ll be able to hotspot!

Try my Demo Station plugin. It allows you to download a prototype as a ZIP-file to use it in offline.


This works perfectly! Thank you so much!


@MaxBazarov Now that I downloaded the zip file of the prototype how do I run it?

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You open the html.

Unfortunatly, only page browsing is allowed. You can’t play with interactive components (hover, active…)